San Marcos Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When you are injured on the job, you have the right to seek compensation through your employer’s workman’s compensation insurance. Yet when you head to the CCH hearing to state your case, you will find that you are quite alone. As the case unfolds before you, you may feel that everyone is speaking a completely foreign language. The insurance company is pushing to provide the minimum possible, because they are in the business of making money, not caring for injured workers. Defending your rights is hard when you cannot even follow the conversation.

This does not have to be the case. With a San Marcos and Austin workers’ compensation attorney on your side, you can have an advocate throughout the process. The Law Office of Roy L. Warren offers the services of a workers’ compensation attorney in San Marcos and Austin who will fight for you as you seek the compensation you deserve.

Clear Guidance from a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in San Marcos and Austin

After a workplace injury, you need the skilled guidance of a workers’ compensation attorney to ensure you get adequate compensation. This begins with your initial statement. This statement is critical, and without proper guidance to report the entire injury, you could lose some of your rights to compensation.

In a workers’ compensation claim, you have 30 days in which to make a claim. When does this timeline start? Often, injured individuals make a mistake here that can cost them their claim. Typically it is the date you first seek medical help for your injury. Attorney

Roy L. Warren will help you mark the correct injury date to agree with what the appeals panel wants, so you do not delay or negate your claim.

Compassionate Service from a Skilled Worker’s Compensation Attorney

When you are injured on the job and cannot work, your family faces a troubling time. Attorney Roy L. Warren understands this, and is here to ensure you get the help you deserve, providing warnings about the traps insurance companies set before you fall victim to them. He will assist you in finding doctors who will care for your needs while waiting for your compensation payments, and will help you create a solid case to help you ensure you are adequately compensated.

As a workers’ compensation attorney, Roy L. Warren has helped clients in San Marcos and Austin and the rest of the state of Texas get the compensation they deserve. A workplace injury can ruin your life and your finances, and you may not know until it is too late and you have no recourse. Talk to an attorney at the first inclination that you may have an injury. Schedule a consultation with Roy L. Warren today.

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