Roy L. Warren

If you need help in the San Marcos/Austin area

San Marcos and Austin Attorney Roy L. Warren has been fighting for Texans’ rights since 1990.  Even if other lawyers have turned you down, give him a call.  Whether your case is civil or criminal, call The Law Office of Roy L. Warren to ask about getting representation at a fair price to get what you need.

Attorney Roy L. Warren is compassionate, and realizes some cases are more difficult and many people who need legal help don’t have a lot of money.  You don’t have to feel hopeless.

Criminal Defense

San Marcos and Austin Attorney Roy L. Warren has more than 26 years of experience getting good results in criminal cases.  If you are charged with a crime, you need to get advice as quickly as possible, because you need to protect your rights.  You don’t want to do anything without meaning to which could adversely affect your case.

San Marcos and Austin Attorney Roy L. Warren has represented people with misdemeanors and all level of felonies, and has successfully defended clients when their probation was being revoked.   Attorney Roy L. Warren has worked hard to obtain the best results, obtaining favorable pleas or dismissals, and not hesitating to go trial if that is required.  He will keep you updated on your case and fight hard on every case, whether big or small.

Personal Injuries and Worker’s Compensation

If you have suffered a personal injury which is the result of someone else’s negligence, or if you have been injured while working, Attorney Roy L. Warren can help you get justice.  You may need medical care which is being delayed while the responsible party tries to avoid paying.

Attorney Roy L. Warren can help you with your immediate needs while he works on making the responsible parties pay. There are time limits on these kinds of claims, so if you delay you could lose out on what you deserve.

Statewide help

Attorney Roy L. Warren operates out of the San Marcos and Austin area but has taken cases around the state.  He has experience in many areas and wants most to help people get what they need.  If you want a lawyer who really cares about helping you, call The Law Offices of Roy L. Warren today for a free consultation.

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